Web Hosting Based in the UK

Tired of downtime? Slow loading pages? Worried about losing your website data?

Our web hosting packages are ideal for companies who prioritise:-

- fast loading pages
- reliable hosting service
- security (regular automatic backups of data and prevention of virus infections)

....over saving a few pounds a month by sacrificing the above needs.

Are you suffering from hosting problems, such as downtime or slow page loads? If so, your website is probably hosted on a shared server - shared by literally thousands of other websites. These are common problems caused by too much load onto one server. With the price war thats being waged in the web hosting industry, many companies are offering lower prices while cramming more and more websites onto each server.

We run our own servers and do not use more than 50% capacity on our servers. This ensures a very reliable service to the websites hosted on our servers, that takes into account traffic/bandwidth spikes. Our package is suitable for companies who are willing to spend a little bit more per year for a quicker responding website, far greater aggregate uptime, and daily backups of all data.

Our 115 per year hosting package gives you:-

- Windows Platform (can run ASP and PHP Scripts)
- Hosting for a single domain
- Extremely reliable, fast hosting
- Daily backups of all your databases and webspace
- 10 Gigabytes bandwidth per month
- 300 Megabytes of webspace
- unlimited email addresses per domain
- FTP access to your web space
- 5 MySQL Databases
- Ability to use ASP/PHP/CGI scripting (runs on Windows Server 2003)
- JMail facility
- GraphicsMill facility (for creating thumbnail images etc)
- Technical Support