Network Troubleshooting Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

posted on 20 November 2014 | posted in Best of the Web

There are a number of problems a website can face - slow loading pages, downtime, the IP being on a realtime blacklist (for emails), loss of rankings in the search engines and DNS issues. These problems can be hard to remedy without the appropriate data in front of you. That's where webmaster tools like come in. With Abongo you can diagnose network problems and other issues in seconds - you can look up DNS records, WHOIS information, see if a domain/IP's on a spam filter blacklist, see where a domain ranks in the search engines and even do a trace route to the hosting server of the domain name.

Not only that, but you get a more objective dataset on how fast your website's pages load too - as Abongo can ping your site from various locations around the globe - giving you an insight into just how speedy your site is for international visitors.

Furthermore, because this tool collects publicly available data, you can lookup any website or IP address - giving you a unique look at competitor / prospective new client website data - such as the Time to Live settings so you can plan ahead if a website is being migrated to your own hosting.

All well and good, but how quick do these lookups take place? From our review, they presented information in seconds - making it a great toolset for looking up multiple domains. This is really important, because not only is it vital to know as much as possible about each domain / IP, but it's also important to compare between a number of domains - for example, if there's a bottleneck of traffic in a particular geographical area of the USA, this can be highlighted quickly by comparing a number of sites hosted in that area.

Overall, we found Abongo to be a really handy toolset for the webmaster and network troubleshooter.

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