Why Good Web Design is the Key to E-Commerce

posted on 26 February 2014 | posted in Website Design

Any good shop-keeper will have the following facets of their business at the top of their list of priorities when it comes to establishing and maintaining their operation: the window display, the ease of transaction for the customer and the presentation of the product.

'Shop-keeper" seems an almost archaic term in this age of e-commerce, and it's true that most businesses which once operated mainly on the high street are turning their attentions to online custom, but all the wisdom of the shop-keeper from the 1960s applies directly to the diligent e-commerce business operator in 2014.

Your shop window

Your business" website is effectively its shop window, and the way in which you present your brand and your product through this window will be the main deciding factor in whether or not you convert hits into sales. Think about your target demographics, and commission an experienced graphic designer and web designer to design the website in a manner which is both in keeping with your brand and attractive to your clientele. If you're looking to set up a flash and alluring casino gaming site for example, http://www.gamingclub.co.uk is an excellent style model, whilst on the other end of the spectrum, the simplicity of hugely popular and informational sites like reddit.com and google.com - design for your audience.


Inevitably there are some new tricks to be learned in this changing business landscape, and one such trick is ensuring that your website is responsively designed meaning the page is coded in a way which makes it adapt appropriately depending on the type of device it is accessed through (e.g. a desktop computer, a smart phone or a tablet). Many online sales are now made using mobile devices, which means that if your site isn't easy to access and use through an iPhone, for example, you'll lose out on sales and your better-equipped competitors will capitalise. Not only must your shop window be attractive, it's got to be bendy too!

Keeping your customers safe

Just as any sane shop-keeper would never expose his or her customers to danger unnecessarily, any responsible dealer in e-commerce will ensure the total security of his or her customers" personal details. This can be achieved through Security Certifications, Authentication Layers and PCI Compliance, all of which you can read more about by clicking here.


The way to ensure higher visibility for your business used to be taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages. Nowadays, SEO is the road to the top!

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