About Us - UK Web Hosting Specialists

We are Drew Jones and Andrew Lang - both website developers AND hosts, with collectively over 15 years of website development and hosting experience. We decided to launch stronghost.co.uk in 2007, as a lot of our new web development customers have told us of the troubles they've been having with shared web hosting - downtime, slow loading pages, no backups, no ability to use custom server-side components.

We want to give everyone a reliable hosting service, with fast loading pages, daily backups, AND the ability to request custom server-side components to be installed on each server - whether they are our website development client or not.

We are friendly and approachable guys - we want to deconstruct the jargon that most web designers/host use. If you want to have a friendly chat, please give us a call on +44(0)207 193 2755.