Upload / download limits and the IIS Metabase File

posted on 30 December 2007 | posted in IIS

Setting upload limit

If you are hosting on a Windows platform, you can alter the size limit for uploaded files via the metabase file. This is particularly useful when setting up a new server, since the default limit is just 200k.

The metabase file is locked by default. You can unlock it by going into IIS, and right-clicking on the (local computer) option and selecting Properties. Check the box next to Enable Direct Metabase Edit.

Now browse to C:windowssytem32inetserv and find the file : metabase.xml. Open it in Notepad and search (Ctrl-F) for "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed". Edit the value next to AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed - this is the upload limit expressed in bytes. Save the metabase.xml file.

You may want to uncheck the box next to "Enable Direct Metabase Edit" in order to re-lock it.

Setting download limit

If you want to set a download limit, follow the above instructions, but in metabase.xml edit the value "AspBufferingLimit" to your new value and save the metabase.xml file.

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