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Redirecting non-www domain to www domain

posted on 2 September 2008 in IIS

If you want people to be redirected to when they enter, here's how to do it in IIS:- 1. Go to IIS on the server and right click / select propert...more info >>>

How to identify which websites are using up the CPU

posted on 9 June 2008 in IIS

One of the biggest headaches with IIS is trying to identify which websites are the most expensive CPU-usage wise. You can do performance monitoring but all you get is each worker process (for each ap...more info >>>

Upload / download limits and the IIS Metabase File

posted on 30 December 2007 in IIS

Setting upload limitIf you are hosting on a Windows platform, you can alter the size limit for uploaded files via the metabase file. This is particularly useful when setting up a new server, since th...more info >>>

IIS - Every website needs its own application pool

posted on 24 December 2007 in IIS

When adding websites to your server, make sure to give each one its own application pool. This effectively isolates each website from an application crash. This is good for two reasons:- ...more info >>>